Bryan Scofield       

Executive Chef & Owner

A Ventura County native, Bryan started his career 40 years ago under three different apprenticeships: Italian, German and French. Bryan gravitated to French cuisine, with a focus on pastries and desserts. His career spans from corporate chef to country club chef, and business owner. He was formally educated at the Institute of Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.

Jarrett Chambers

Executive Baker

Born and raised by a wonderful family in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jarrett was heavily involved in athletics, even going on to start the Lacrosse team at Liberty University. In his senior year of college he met Bryan Scofield's daughter, Meg. The two married after he graduated with a degree in exercise science.

 For several years, Jarrett worked as a physical trainer, yet spent much time learning the science of baking by experimenting with different types of flour, yeast and starters. Jarrett was a natural bread scientist and during this time attended European bread baking school in San Francisco. Jarrett then participated in a Stage at Terre Blanche Hotel, the most prestigious spa and resort located in Tourrettes, France. He became the first non-European to be granted an internship there. From his experience, Jarrett has developed a new style of bread and pastries for Café Ficelle.

Lyndy Woodruff 

Service Manager

The middle daughter of Bryan Scofield, Lyndy grew up in Ventura. From an early age, Lyndy and her dad enjoyed special time together at various local coffee shops. When the Scofields travel to Europe, Lyndy and her dad venture early in the morning together and visit a different coffeehouse each day, in their pursuit of a delicious cup of coffee.

While in college, Lyndy worked as a barista, becoming passionate about the art of creating the finest coffee drinks. Lyndy attended Barista School in Portland, Oregon, where she learned the business aspect of running a coffeehouse.

She is currently finishing her entrepreneurial business degree at Liberty University.

Angelique Williams

Pastry Chef

Angie was raised in Camarillo and formally educated at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management.

Angie discovered her passion for pastry arts halfway through culinary school. She switched paths from aspiring to be a savory chef to a pastry chef. During her college education, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy at Apicius international School of Hospitality. Upon graduating, Angie worked at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa as a lead pastry cook.